Échirolles station district (38)

Transformation of the Échirolles station district(38)

The station area is designed as a new living space and not just as a transit area. The project is structured around a major East-West axis that links the Échirolles station to the Maurice Thorez park.

Given its ambition to create a lively neighbourhood also outside working hours, the Connexions project provides for a strong programmatic mix, which should contribute to changing the image of the neighbourhood.

Echirolles station, CoBe

The evolution of this perception for the city of Échirolles and its inhabitants is to their benefit, offering them new services, responding to their needs and offering them new amenities. For these reasons, future programming has been designed taking into account, on the one hand, the needs of the city, but also taking into account the changes in lifestyles and work habits, and the consultation at this stage of the operators of certain future programmes.

Quartier de laGare Echirolles, CoBe
Transformation of the Echirolles station area, CoBe

The project provides for diversified programming around generous public spaces and landscaped inner blocks which will be extensively planted to allow the continuity of the green grid from the public space. The core areas are adapted to the type of programming and allow, within the undeveloped spaces, a multiplicity of uses and convivial spaces (playground, shared gardens, picnic area, etc.).

Echirolles, CoBe

Reference sheet

Contracting authority


Project manager

CoBe, Athanor

CoBe missions

Operational urban study, architects of several lots


49,000m² mixed use programme
(offices, housing, hotel, parking, silo)
silo parking)


4 ha


800,000 excl. tax (public spaces)