Façade of CoBe agency, Lisbon, Portugal
CoBe, Lisbon
CoBe, Lisbon

CoBe set up in Portugal in 2017. The move was the culmination of a collaboration with Franco-Portuguese architects that began in 2009. 

Since then, the Porto-based agency has become part of the local context, developing numerous links with Portuguese entities and partners, as well as with representative French bodies: local authorities, technical services, consultancy firms, the Chamber of Commerce, the embassy, etc.

The 25 architects, graphic artists and designers, most of whom are now French-speaking, work with the CoBe teams in France. This organisation, which is part of a corporate culture that is open to the world, also provides a real capacity for intervention on the Iberian peninsula.

Since 2021, in parallel with the regional approach in France, a branch has been set up in Lisbon to better meet the needs of clients and contractors in southern Portugal.

Today, the agency is involved in programmes that are popular with local and foreign investors in Portugal and Spain, through the design of family housing, student and senior housing, hotels, offices and interior fittings.

Against this backdrop, we remain particularly committed to societal issues specific to the peninsula, such as the shortage of housing accessible to the most vulnerable and the need to respond to the ageing of the population. 

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