Green Campus - Cachan (94)

Rehabilitation of the Cachan Campus (94)

The Campus spreads over nearly 23 hectares at the gateway to the city and near the Bagneux RER B station. It is bordered by two inter-neighbourhood promenades that cross the city from east to west and from north to south.

Campus vert vert, Cachan, CoBe

The campus is a unique and not very porous urban piece, interfacing with very diverse sectors. Its restructuring is an opportunity to reconnect the city's neighbourhoods by creating links between them. New links are being developed to open up the site to the city and make it a super-equipment serving all Cachanais. A network of public spaces is being created in a block of land that today consists exclusively of private plots.

CoBe - Cachan Campus

The project has a specific programme that can attract both students and residents, and the construction of family housing reinforces the mix of profiles of the district's users.

CoBe - Cachan Campus

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CoBe Mission

Urban planning Urban project management,
urban and architectural coordination of the entire project
Landscaping project management for public spaces


Construction of an urban park, 300 housing units and activities


5.7 ha


8.7 M (public spaces)