The agency

The history of the agency

The CoBe agency brings together the professions of architecture, urban planning, landscape, building site management and design.

It integrates into the creations it designs the ability to correct ruptures, to create new links, to look to the future through its cross-disciplinary skills, with benevolence and confidence.

Founded in 2002 by architects and planners Alexandre Jonvel, Raphaël Denis and Martin Lemerre, CoBe has added a landscape partner, Luc Monéger in 2010 and an associate technical director, Fabrice Taillandier in 2017. In 2021 CoBe expanded its scope of activities by celebrating the opening of its design centre.

Designing the city means freeing up space, optimising its use, recycling and reusing. We include this vision in every project, from the first ideas, from the first sketches. Our vision thinks of the link, considers the landscape within the landscape, the city within the city.

In Paris, Porto, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Marseille, CoBe engages with as many of the territories that surround these cities, all of which claim a history, a singular culture, a landscape tone, a practice of architecture and construction, a way of life of its inhabitants.

CoBe is enriched by the context of its projects, shares its experiences to enrich its practice. The agency builds its work methodology with its partners and clients from this angle, that of responsibility, listening and co-construction.

This is the meaning of the commitment of the 80 employees who make up CoBe's multidisciplinary teams. Balancing, creating, protecting, enriching and projecting links, by creating more coherent, more creative and fairer spaces for the common good.