Smartseille Block 2 - Marseille (13)

Urban project in Marseille (13) Îlot Smartseille 2

The development of the Smartseille 2 block with two
2 steps away from the port of Marseille primarily consists in
creating links with neighbouring districts,
and connect existing public spaces
to the future axes.

Aerial view Ilôt S Marseille, Cobe

A clear and appropriable framework is
created thanks to new, calmer routes
to make it easier for pedestrians.
Three lots are formed from this division
containing controlled volumes of low height volumes
of low height, and some emergences
with views towards the Mediterranean.
The ground floors are animated by shops
of created outdoor spaces.

CoBe - Marseille - Smartseille 2

The dewatering of soils and
the establishment of vegetation in public spaces
guarantee shaded areas, and the significant presence
of vegetation in the heart of parcels makes it possible
to fight against heat islands,
to stimulate biodiversity, and to establish urban agriculture systems.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Glam (Engie - Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Est)

CoBe Mission

Urban project management for the development of the city block


Collective housing (20,000 m²), offices (20,000 m²), MSA
(3000 m²), activities-shops
(1500 m²), gymnasium (2400 m²)


37 000 m²

Project manager