Tripostal 1Bis - Bordeaux (33)

Restructuring and extension of the Tri Postal of Bordeaux

The project consists of 74 new homes for sale to the general public. It is made up of two buildings that run along the length of the plot. To the east, the two buildings meet at the plot boundary to form internal gardens.

CoBe - Bordeaux Tribequa

The building is located along Rue des Noyers, in order to be in line with existing buildings. As the plot is long, a passage under a glazed porch leads to a private road. The alleyway echoes the history of the site, with its rectangular cobblestones and abundant vegetation, and offers the residents a transition between the urban space of rue des Noyers and the entrance to their homes. This transitional space will also make it easier to meet people in a pleasant setting.

CoBe - Bordeaux Tri Postal

Reference sheet


NF Habitat HQE 7 stars

Contracting authority

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Project manager


CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


Rehabilitation, elevation and extension of a part of the postal sorting office:
40 social housing units, business premises, shops


4 861 m²


5,4 € EXCL.