Tripostal 1Bis - Bordeaux (33)

Restructuring and extension of the Tri Postal of Bordeaux

The project occupies a central position within the perimeter of the ZAC Bordeaux Saint-Jean Belcier. It is located on railway land currently occupied by railway infrastructures and the postal sorting centre.

CoBe - Bordeaux Tribequa

The project includes the rehabilitation of part of the existing Tri Postal and a new extension designed to the rear and above the existing building. The existing Tri Postal will house a business premises on one ground floor and two upper floors. On the ground floor of the new extension, three shops, technical premises and the access hall to the accommodation are planned.

On the upper floors, there are 40 social rental units, ranging from T2 to T5. Duplexes are developed on the top floors. A fine work was done on the materiality in order to be in agreement with the existing Tri Postal and the old city of Bordeaux. On the fifth floor, a large communal terrace has been designed with vegetable gardens and an orchard.

CoBe - Bordeaux Tri Postal

Reference sheet


NF Habitat HQE 7 stars

Contracting authority

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Project manager


CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


Rehabilitation, elevation and extension of a part of the postal sorting office:
40 social housing units, business premises, shops


4 861 m²


5,4 € EXCL.