Covered market (Halle Amédée) - Bordeaux (33)

Conversion of a hall and construction of a service building

The operation consists of the heavy rehabilitation of a former SNCF workshop. The building offre a Bordeaux stone façade on the main track, while its other façades display a more industrial architecture, with its wide openings, its brick wall sections, and its exposed steel structure of Eiffel.

CoBe - Atelier des citernes Bordeaux

This building will house a gourmet hall on the ground floor, open to the neighbourhood. This hall will enliven the Place des Citernes. Upstairs, office space will complement the district's current availability. Although heavy, the rehabilitation places great emphasis on existing materials, trying to preserve the present structure as much as possible. The spaces are magnified thanks to the realization of a full height central nave, and the use of raw materials.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

City Envy

CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


Ground floor: food shops and restaurants,
upper floors: co-working, offices and conference room


800 m² SDP


2.5 M€ HT

Work in progress