Office building

Revitalisation of the town centre - Block C

As part of a project to revitalise Bobigny town centre by the TVK agency, CoBe is designing a building totalling approximately 10,000 m² of office space as well as a ground floor mainly occupied by commercial spaces. The project is located between the city centre, the shopping centre and the Gare Pablo Picasso hub.

CoBe - Offices in the heart of the city Bobigny

The idea was to design an office building integrated into a global project, the programme of which consists exclusively of housing. This building should be perceived not as a separate object but as a fragment of the new city centre of Bobigny.

CoBe - Offices in the heart of the city Bobigny

Reference sheet


NF Bâtiments Tertiaires HQE

Contracting authority


CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


Construction of an office building
with nursery and shops on the ground floor


10,907 m² of floor space


16.5 M€ HT

Work in progress