Rodin Hill - Meudon (92)

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Designing space through levelling

Rodin Hill is a complex site both in terms of morphology and history. Mostly contextual, the project integrates the different elements that have shaped its identity to reveal and enhance them.

By remodelling the site and freeing its heart our project makes its urbanization possible and respectful of its landscape and history. The presence of partially collapsed former quarries (at a depth of 45 metres) has enabled us to position a large park in the heart of this district to be. It is part of the extension of the Rodin Museum park located 35 meters above. The memory of the site and its identity are thus preserved, revealed and amplified. The arrangement of horizontal plateaus - which give a view into the distance - and vegetalized plateaus allows for a resonance with the very uneven topography of a unique place that has been degraded until now. The urbanization then took shape on the fringes of the site. It is in harmony with the rhythm created by the arcades of the old viaduct that runs along its limits. The buildings are thus organized in such a way as to offer transparency through this remarkable site.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

EPF 92, CAUE 92, City of Meudon

Project manager



3.7 HA of parkland, 400 housing units, 5200 m² of activities

Study completed 2012