Offices and exhibition galleries - Nanterre (92)

Development of the Hauts-de-Seine Council of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment (CAUE)

The headquarters of the CAUE 92 occupies the ground floor of the XTU agency building, located on the major axis of the city of Nanterre. The project is organised along the entire length of the building, in three interconnected spaces: the Workshops, the Offices and the Exhibition Gallery, which also serves as a conference room.

CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre

The high ceiling space allowed the creation of mezzanines and a footbridge to link the different spaces together.

CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre
CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre

The central element, the Exhibition Gallery can accommodate up to 150 people. It is modular and can simultaneously accommodate a conference of 20 and 60 people, while retaining the scenography of the theatre and the activity of an ephemeral café on the Place de la Croisée.

CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre
CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre
CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre
CoBe CAUE 92 Nanterre

Reference sheet

Contracting authority


Project manager

CoBe, Miguel Clément

CoBe Mission

Complete architectural mission and architectural coordination
layout, design


Redevelopment of the Hauts-de-Seine CAUE
Workshop: 170 m², offices: 245 m², exhibition gallery: 415 m².


830 m²


1.2 M€ HT


Luc Boegly

Delivered in 2013