Collective set - Cascais | Portugal

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The project develops a strong community identity in an inclusive approach towards the neighbourhood and the residents of the nearby buildings.

We propose a collective set organized around a gallery with a continuous ramp. This "inner street" refers by its size and slope to traditional village streets, allowing a spatial and identity continuity from the public space to the interior of the building. The development of exclusively traversing dwellings addressed on the ramp accentuates this community dimension. This distribution element is built around a central courtyard garden that provides natural ventilation and creates a cool and shady environment, reinforced by rainwater collection. The gallery ends on the roof given to the community. To ensure shade and use of the roof, a plant pergola is provided, offering welcome shade and the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular sea view in the distance. In addition to this distribution system, we propose the creation of infrastructures allowing the sharing of services between the student residence and the families: The creation of a common garden of agricultural character located on the roof that can be used and managed permanently by the inhabitants; A condominium room serving as a study space for children's homework and coworking for students, as well as space for parties and private meetings. A common laundry room. A café/bakery in direct relation with the public space and addressing the vast public pedestrian area located inside the housing estate. In addition to responding to the programmatic content of the competition, the proposal aims to create a new "micro-centrality" on the scale of the neighbourhood.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

City of Cascais

Project manager

CoBe, EMTEP, Engineering Projects


133 housing units (total of 6516 m² of floor space)
50 student studios, 40 T2, 39 T3, 4 T4

Competition 2019