Wooden housing - Bordeaux (33)

Construction of 100 wooden houses, ZAC St-Jean Belcier, Armagnac Sud sector

A 100% timber housing project, on twelve floors

The project is structured around a base varying between ground floor and ground floor+3, hollowed out by patios connected to the surrounding public space, and topped by four distinct "emergences". The two towers are composed of a wooden structure and an external metal mesh.

CoBe - Bordeaux Armagnac Sud - Wooden housing

The project, through fine research into the qualities of living and the uses offered by these living spaces, proposes a set of cross-cutting and multi-oriented housing units in which each person benefits from at least two orientations, living rooms without facing neighbours, and generous outdoor spaces offering multiple views towards the great landscape and the garden in the heart of the block.

CoBe - Bordeaux Armagnac Sud - Wooden housing

Reference sheet


NF HQE 9 stars
Label biosourcé level 3

Contracting authority

Bouygues Immobilier

Project manager

CoBe, Let'sGrow

CoBe Mission

Complete architectural mission


Collective housing and shops 6 203 m² net floor area


6,553 m² SDP


12.4 M€ HT

Studies in progress