Nouvelles Galeries - Mont-de-Marsan (40)

Restructuring of the Nouvelles Galeries in Mont-de-Marsan

The Action Cœur de Ville project is located in the heart of Mont-de-Marsan on the "Nouvelles Galeries" site and its former warehouse. It is developing a mixed programme of collective housing, hotel, shops, activities and offices.

CoBe - Mont-de-Marsan - Nouvelles Galeries

Active" ground floors are located on a large part of the linear blocks in order to animate the urban route.

The project also allows for the integration of an island of coolness in the centre of Mont-de-Marsan. Open to the public during the day, the heart of the Nouvelles Galeries block will offer widely planted relaxation areas and a shaded terrace.

CoBe - Mont-de-Marsan - Nouvelles Galeries

Reference Sheet


E+C- level E2C1

Contracting authority

Altae, Bernadet, Clairsienne, Ville Envie

Project manager

CoBe, Gastel Paysages

CoBe Mission

Complete architectural mission


Restructuring of the Nouvelles Galeries and their depot
(1400 m² of student accommodation, 2600 m² of hotel,
1100 m² of shops and activities, 2800 m² of offices, spread over three blocks)


7,900 m² SDP


15 M€ HT

Studies in progress