Urban renewal - VITRY-SUR-SEINE (94)

Urban Renewal Project for the Downtown, Robespierre and West End sectors

Vitry, NPRU Cœur de ville, three "model workshops" to share the project with the inhabitants

Three consultation workshops made it possible to share the project scenarios developed by the agency over the past 8 months with the inhabitants of three districts: Centre-Ville, Commune de Paris and 8 May 45. Through model work, the inhabitants were able to reflect on the proposed paths through four main themes: promoting economic development and access to employment, improving the quality of housing, strengthening the links of life in the neighbourhoods, and encouraging travel and pathways between neighbourhoods. The NPRU Cœur de Ville covers a 165-hectare sector that includes 20,000 inhabitants, i.e. a quarter of the city's population, and will be home to a new Grand Paris station and a tramway line by 2022.

Project Contractor City of Vitry sur Seine

Project managment CoBe Urbanisme et Paysage / Sens de la ville / Berim / Semise / Urbanis / Technique Topo / Office notarial de Vitry / BS consultants/ SPBC

Phase Ongoing study

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