Pantin (93) - Quartier de la Diagonale - Start of phase 1 of the works

Launching of the marketing of future housing in "Les Pantinoises" district, located on the former ASPP land in Pantin.

Horizon 2021-2022, 6 housing lots, 6,000 m² of public space and an office program as well as facilities for children, families and the disabled will be built on this site of approximately 20,000 m².

On this occasion, the SEMIP (developer of the town of Pantin) and four associated promoters (Edelis, Woodeum, Emerige and Cogedim) are launching a communication operation via the creation of a dedicated website and an immersive video in the district to be.

The CoBe agency, Coordinating Architect of the project and project manager of the future public spaces of the district is proud to present this work.

Start of construction of residential buildings: 1st quarter 2019

The architectural lots were awarded to the following teams

Lot 1 and 5 (lauréat IMGP 1) : Studio Muoto – MO: Demathieu-Bard Immobilier
Lots 2-3: Franklin Azzi - MO: Emerige, co-development SEMIP
Lot 6: Baumschlager Eberle - Owner: Cogedim, co-promotion SEMIP
Lots 4-7: Atelier Woa - MO: Woodeum, co-promotion SEMIP
Lot 8: NRAU Nicolas Reymond - Owner: Edelis, co-promotion SEMIP

Project Contractor SEMIP / City of Pantin

Project Manager CoBe Urbanisme & Paysage, EPDC