Exhibition Toulouse 2030

Toulouse 2030: the metropolis of tomorrow

Toulouse 2030, located on Place du Capitole from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of October 2018, invites the general public to discover the evolution of a city and its urban area up to 2030. Conceived and carried by the association of the same name, Toulouse 2030 is an event open to all and based on the theme of "Architecture and Urbanism". Through a large exhibition and numerous events, the general public will be able to discover how a city on the scale of Toulouse is becoming denser, more diverse, renewed and transformed. Visitors are invited to take a journey to the heart of the Metropolis, from its past to its future.


Presentation of the Project - Quartier Empalot îlot MG3


MO cogedim Bouygues Immobilier |MOE CoBe Architecture and Landscape (Design Project Management)
Program 90 vacant units | 20 social housing units | 3 commercial premises | 1 club house