Rehabilitation of the Atelier des Citernes in Bordeaux

🏗 Our Atelier des Citernes rehabilitation project in Bordeaux is about to enter its final phase!

Located in the ZAC Saint-Jean Belcier and developed with City EnvyThe project consists of the transformation of a former SNCF workshop. The building has a Bordeaux stone façade on the street side, while its other façades reflect industrial architecture, with its large openings, brick walls and metal framework made of Eiffel-type posts and lattice beams. The building will eventually house a gourmet hall on the ground floor, a multi-purpose workshop dedicated to culture, an educational kitchen and office space on the upper floors.

Overlooking the future Place des Citernes, it faces the new tertiary hall, to be delivered at the end of 2022, in which the new offices of CoBe Bordeaux will be located. 

CoBe rehabilitation Bordeaux tank workshop