ZAC Seine Gare - Vitry-sur-Seine (94)

Construction of multi-family housing in Vitry-sur-Seine

In the heart of the Ardoines district in Vitry, the Seine Gare ZAC represents an opportunity to create a new mixed neighbourhood combining housing, shops, activities and offices, all within a stone's throw of the RER C station.

CoBe - Vitri-sur-Seine ZAC Seine Gare

Lots GA42 and GA43, consisting of an active base on the ground floor and several emergences, accommodate senior housing with shared gardens in the heart of the block. Lot GA43 acts as a figurehead at the corner of the future Cours de la gare and Rue Pasteur and articulates the change of scale with the existing suburban fabric.

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Construction of lots GA42 and GA43 of the ZAC Vitry Seine Gare
5351 m² net floor area of collective housing


5751 m² SDP

PC 2022