Les Ardoines - Vitry-sur-Seine (94)

Construction of 101 housing units in Vitry-sur-Seine

CoBe Vitry Ardoines

In the south of the town of Vitry-sur-Seine, near the Ardoines RER station, on the BAS3a block, 3 buildings are being erected on the same set of levels: a ground floor and R+1 base, a main building between R+2 and R+5, and emergences between R+6 and R+8. These variations in volume make it possible to refine the project as a whole, and to offer numerous balconies and terraces.

As the project is surrounded by nature, gaps have been created to allow views from the garden street into the heart of the block, which is made up of open land.

CoBe Vitry Ardoines

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CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


101 new homes for first-time buyers
from T1 to T6 and a 1113 m² crèche,
infrastructure car parks


8,146 m² net floor area

PC obtained in 2022