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The land is located in the Ivry port district. This district, located along the Seine, is the largest district of Ivry, the one that made the wealth of the city with its port and its numerous companies. Lot 5C3 is divided into two zones, one of which has a built heritage, two halls, to be preserved, which will make it possible to accommodate activities. The two areas are separated by a public road for pedestrians that links Rue Rigaud and Avenue Jean Jaurès.

Firstly, given the urban layout of the existing building, we propose to turn it into a "landscape building", i.e. one that accommodates both large and small scales. This desire is motivated by our intuition to compose "in the service of" and not according to prerequisites related to a constructive or formal logic. This approach is based in the continuity of a work on subtelty, lightness and proportions. The whole project is worked according to the golden proportion. The golden section does not bring a poetic or lyrical idea; it does not inspire the theme in any way; it is not creative but a balancing act.

The "Grid": it is the emblem of modernity of the project, it promotes silence by its absence of hierarchy, it is structural and not rhetorical. The same module based on the golden section as a regulating line: 1.6180 .
The silence of the grid allows for a better adaptation to the different heights of the existing buildings, the programme and the urban regulations. However, the grid gives the buildings a figurative ornamentation, leaving space for different lifestyles on balconies, loggias and terraces. In this way, it attenuates the expression of monumentality by rendering the modernity of the original form somewhat domestic. A domestic modernity.

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