Reversible silo, invisible silo - Bordeaux (33)

Construction of housing and car parks

The project questions how to link a silo parking project to a housing project.
Block B036 is home to a vertical village consisting of a 5-level car park topped by 3 levels of housing, and activities on the ground floor. The structure of the complex makes it possible to anticipate the possible reversibility of the parking levels.

CoBe - Bordeaux - Bastide Niel

Thanks to another 10-storey silo car park hidden in one of the apartment buildings, block B127 can spread out over its plot like a village where all the buildings are organised in the middle of a large garden.

CoBe - Bordeaux - Bastide Niel
CoBe - Bordeaux - Bastide Niel

CoBe - Bordeaux - Bastide Niel

Reference sheet


NF Habitat HQE
E+C- level E2C2
Label Frugal Bordelais
HS2 (inclusive and progressive senior housing)

Contracting authority

Legendre Real Estate

Project manager

Lot B036: CoBe
Lot B127: MVRDV, CoBe, Fabre de Marien

CoBe Mission

Architectural project management (design-build)


Collective housing, senior residence,
silo parking and activities on the ground floor


3,537 m² SDP

Studies in progress