Les Agnettes - Gennevilliers (92)

Multiple dwellings in cut stone in the Agnettes district

With a view to durability and rational construction, limestone for the foundations and load-bearing facades is combined with concrete for the internal structure. Three blocks from R+4 to R+11 are articulated around a large existing and expanded tree space.

CoBe - Gennevilliers Les Agnettes

The regularity and generosity of the openings allow plenty of light to enter the dwellings, which are mainly bi-orientated and benefit from substantial outdoor spaces.

CoBe - Gennevilliers Les Agnettes

Reference sheet


E+C- level E2C1
RT 2012 -15%

Contracting authority


CoBe Mission

Architectural design competition - 2021


Construction of 121 dwellings (T1 to T5)
in mixed stone-concrete structure,
facades 100% load-bearing stone


8,450 m² SDP


15.2 M€ HT