Bus station - Massy (91)

Extension of the bus station and redesign of public spaces

The transformation of the sector brought about by the construction of the Massy bus station restores legibility and unifies the open spaces of a fragmented territory. The structure connects flows and uses as well as spaces, giving a strong identity to the largest multimodal hub in Europe.

CoBe_Pole Gare Massy

The station hub is the gateway to the Paris metropolis for all travellers from the south-west quarter of France. Symbolically, the gantries created to support the footbridge above the TGV box, welcome users while protecting the space reserved for the bus station.

Particular attention has been paid to facilitating pedestrian flows and making them intuitive and pleasant. As much a work of art as an intervention aimed at transforming the use of the city, the Massy station hub is at the crossroads of all the skills developed by the CoBe group. Urban planners, engineers, architects and landscape architects are working together to bring about the successful development of a sector undergoing major change.

CoBe_Pole Gare Massy
CoBe_Pole Gare Massy

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Paris Sud Aménagement

Project manager

CoBe, Lavigne & Chéron, ON Lighting design

CoBe Mission

Urban project management and project management of public spaces,
architectural project management of the platform


Extension of the Massy bus station: creation of an inhabited structure,
urban reinterpretation of the area and redevelopment of Avenue Carnot


2.4 ha


10.5 M€ HT

Studies in progress