Sablassou & Aube Rouge - Castelnau-le-Lez (34)

Urban development of the Sablassou and Aube rouge sectors

Situated between hillsides and an agricultural plain, the site is home to the city's main roads and railways. The project proposes the creation of a capable and sustainable landscape edge, enabling the creation of a hydraulic landscape framework, the urban renewal of an obsolete commercial zone, the emergence of a metropolitan centrality around the Sablassou multimodal interchange hub, and the hosting of a clinic and related functions.

CoBe - Castelnau-le-Lez Sablassou and Aube Rouge sectors

Within a single perimeter, the project combines the different issues of urban renewal and the installation of a structuring health facility. It has a limited operational timeframe for the clinic, while building the framework for transformation over a longer period of time at Red Dawn, without jeopardising the arrival of a railway station.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority


Project manager

Studio Cap, Tecta

CoBe Mission

Urban project management for urban development
Sablassou and Aube Rouge sectors, redevelopment of a commercial area,
and the creation of a new district around a transport hub


33 hectares

Duration of the mission

2024 – 2039