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CoBe Finalist of the call for projects - Site MBK² | Make Bobigny the Key to Knowledge

CoBe - MBK site - Bobigny 3
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The MBK² project, which is cross-cutting, porous and open to the public eye as well as to passageways, frees itself from its isolated past by linking the city to the canal, the metro to the TZen, the suburbs to the dense city, Bobigny to Romainville and Noisy-le-Sec..

Through the landscaping and the innovative and sustainable treatment of the building, it now stands out in the skyline of the canal, which it punctuates appropriately and gives a strong visual identity to the Ourcq plain. MBK² is thus helping to shape the future of the Zac Ecocité by proposing an unprecedented intensity of activities: living, working, having fun, engaging in outdoor and sporting activities, moving around, producing and consuming, with family, neighbours, colleagues and residents.

Perspectives Vize

Contracting authority

Demathieu Bard Immobilier, Coffim

Project Manager

CoBe, Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, Enia, Readymake, Arp-Astrance, Programme & AMO HQE


180 dwellings, 1 student residence with 100 rooms,
1 hotel, shops, crèches, offices, sports and teaching facilities,
water treatment plant, data centre

Investors, managers

Sogaris, Veolia, Avec Invests, Ancoats, Fraveillance, La Sauge, Critical Building, CBRE