Between Campus and housing - Lyon (69)

Housing, shops, Campus - Confluence city block B1C1n

At the end of the future Girondins bridge, in the heart of the Confluence district, the B1-C1N block offers a unique urban experience.

CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n

The ground floor is home to shops, a learning centre, a university restaurant and an amphitheatre, and caters for students, residents, employees and visitors alike. The campus has an architecture that is open to all types of education. The use of a 100% wood post and beam structure allows the spaces to evolve according to the uses and destinations. Two gardens in the heart of the block, densely planted, are particularly coveted oases of biodiversity.

CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n
CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n
CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n

Based on climatological studies, fine-tuning the morphology of the building made it possible to protect against the wind while gaining in luminosity, particularly in the heart of the blocks. Carbon weight, bioclimatic qualities, aesthetics and cost of materials, site logic, building reversibility: all these criteria dictated the construction choices.

CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n
CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n
CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n

Natural ventilation is encouraged by the bi-orientation of the flats and the opening of the stairwells. Photovoltaic plants are deployed on the roofs of the campus and the two towers.

CoBe - Lyon - Confluence B1C1n

Reference Sheet


E+C- Level E3C2
ER 2020

Contracting authority

Legendre Immobilier, Bâti Lyon Promotion

Project manager

CoBe, Studio Gang, BAMAA

CoBe Mission

Finalist 2021 Contest
Coordinating architect, architect of lots C1N-01,
C1N-03, C1N-04, B1-04,
project management of the external spaces


Housing, shops, university campus


40,000 m² (total)
13,000 m² (CoBe)


19.5 M€ HT