First tree in Poissy

On Saturday 3 February, we planted the first tree in the park of the Rouget de Lisle eco-neighbourhood in Poissy in the presence of local residents, children from the citizens' council, elected representatives and partners in the operation!

Luc Moneger, partner and director of CoBe's urban planning and landscape department, Laure M. Reydellet, project manager, and Zoé Farini, project manager, were on hand for this special occasion, alongside Sandrine BERNO DOS SANTOS, Mayor of Poissy, and Elise Dufournier, director of the Major Projects department at CITALLIOS.

Nestling in the heart of the district, the park will cover an area of 1.7 hectares and will offer a wide range of activities:
- fun (inclusive play areas, chess tables, etc.)
- cultural (exhibition supports)
- educational (raising awareness of environmental issues)
- sports (sports trail)

First tree in the Rouget de Lisle eco-neighbourhood in Poissy