Video - Casa do Mel, Ponte de Lima

Located in the Minho region of northern Portugal, this organic honey production project harmoniously combines nature and agriculture. The production workshop, close to the beehives, has been built with sustainability in mind, using local materials such as granite and corten steel.

Two parallel granite walls serve as the main structure, while old recycled electricity poles support a #bois floor. The light roof, made of a metal structure and insulating panels, is embellished with corten steel, emphasising aesthetics while ensuring long-term durability. Sliding corten steel doors open onto a pond, creating a visual link with the surrounding forest, and inspiring natural integration into the #landscape.

Jean-Michel Marques, associate architect with #CoBe in #Portugal: "The building, which embraces its agricultural character, projects outwards like a Japanese pavilion, providing natural lighting and framing an unspoilt landscape. The judicious use of local, sustainable materials guarantees respectful integration into the environment, and the planting of a group of fruit trees on the site enables the production of 100% organic honey".