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CoBe preselected for phase 2 - Château de Paléficat, grow, cook, learn

The site of the "Château de Paléficat" is located north-east of the city of Toulouse and borders the two communes of Union and Launaguet. It is part of a large-scale urban development project "Paléficat-Rives de l'Hers" which will allow a harmonious and exemplary development of the district, while preserving the environmental, landscape and ecological heritage of the area.

The proposed site comprises an area around the Château de Paléficat of about 5.5 ha, of which about 3 ha are dedicated to the castle and its park. The castle, now converted into housing, has been identified for the eventual provision of public facilities or services. The facilities around the parklands, remarkable for its plant heritage, remain to be determined.

Surface areas are understood to be raw surfaces, including existing roads and roads to be created, in particular to serve the public facilities centre.


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