IMGP 2 - la Faïencerie Site in Bourg La Reine

Inventing the Metropolis of Greater Paris 2 - CoBe selected in the second round

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La Faïencerie - Bourg La Reine (92)

MO Kaufmann et Broad + LINKCITY

The site, home to a former earthenware school, is north of the town centre, 5 minutes walk from the RER B station. It is bordered to the west by the Avenue du Général Leclerc (RD920) which is one of the main roads of the city. Surrounded by suburban neighbourhoods with large gardens to the north and by a denser and more continuous urban fabric to the south, the site is occupied by a school, a nursery, a gymnasium, vacant buildings and a shared garden in a vast planted area.

The project will have to propose a restructuring of the entire site to optimize the equipment and free up part of it to accommodate new housing programs, activities, in efficient buildings and in a landscaped environment.