CoBe lauretae on 2 sites of contest Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris

Place du Général de Gaulle

CoBe Laureate

Agent Nacarat

Designers Devillers et Associés, architect-urban planner ● CoBe architect-landscape designer ● CET Ingénierie ● Techniwood International & Ecologgia (wood construction) ● Infra Services, VRD ● MUGO (urban agri.)

Investors/Promotors Nacarat (investor and developer) ● Citallios (investor and co-developer, specialist in the setting up and operational follow-up of projects) ● Keys Properties (letter of interest - castle investor)

Operators Solar Hotel (manager of the hotel / training / catering project) ● Luzzu (castle restorer) ● MUGO (operator for the urban agriculture component); La Montreuilloise (brewer) ● La Belle Friche (facilitator and manager of the prefiguration of the project) ● France Habitation (social landlord) ● AREF (manager of the student residence); La Poste (operator of innovative services)

Others TERAO (AMO environmental engineering and sustainable development) ● Iris Conseil (BE flow management) ● Convergences-CVL (commercial real estate consulting) ● A-Tipic (AMO participative housing); Evergreen (innovative mobility consulting)


Land Yves du Manoir

CoBe Laureate

Agent  ADIM Paris Ile-de-France

Designers  CoBe (architect-planner-landscape designer)

Developers  ADIM Paris Ile-de-France ● OGIC ● VILOGIA

Operator Partners Mugo (BET urban agriculture and management of green spaces) ● DALKIA (designer-builder and operator of the heating network linked to the A86)

Others SETEC Bâtiment (BET Energy and Environment) ● Sicra (general contractor) ● Lateral Thinking Factory Consulting (AMO circular economy and C2C) ● Green On (operator of bicycle-mobility solutions) ● Blue Distrib (start-up specialising in urban last-mile logistics) ● Intent Technologie (real estate data management platform publisher) ● Maré (setting up a local social network) ● Bureau Veritas (BET Innovation in charge of evaluation)