Developement of a urban guide and coordination plan for Quartier Souys - Floirac (33)

CoBe's intervention takes place in the north of the Souys district in Floirac, within the vast perimeter of the Garonne Eiffel Joint Development Zone. In close collaboration with the EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique and the project management team of the ZAC led by TVK, CoBe is deepening the guiding plan on the land belonging to Clairsienne et Aquitanis to bring them into a new operational phase.

The project is part of a rapidly changing perimeter. Today essentially occupied by large under-occupied industrial areas, structured around the layout of former railway lines and characterized by a fragmentation of the urban fabric, the district will in a few years time be fully integrated into the Bordeaux metropolis. CoBe's mission is to design a new metropolitan district on the right bank of Bordeaux, offering a new polarity of facilities and shops as well as some 600 homes that will benefit from the great landscape qualities of the natural bank.

Project Contractor
Clairsienne, Aquitanis
Project Manager
Developement of a Plan Guide and urban coordination
600 dwellings, shops, equipements, activities
Ongoing study