Urban renewal - Gennevilliers (92)


An urban renewal project at the entrance of the "Village" of Gennevilliers

The Larose-Camélinat multi-site ZAC consists of two sites in close proximity to each other and connected by the crossroads located at the intersection of Boulevard Camélinat and Avenue Laurent Cély. These two sites form the south-east entrance to the "Village" district, the historic heart of Gennevilliers.

Enabling the urban renewal of a declining sector of the city (unhealthy housing, hollow teeth, etc.), meets the high demand for housing in the Ile de France region and near railway stations, devise a concerted and controlled global project to protect a historic sector from wild unplanned urbanization, enhance the "Village" city entrance, propose a contextual urban project that respects the dimensions of existing buildings and preserves the village life on the ground floor (shops, communal areas, gardens, etc.). These are the main objectives and characteristics that guided the creation of the ZAC and will guide the urban project.

A collaborative project

By deliberation on 14th December 2016, the town of Gennevilliers approved the creation of the Larose-Camélinat multi-site BIA. This decision ends a period of consultation which took place from June to November 2016 and during which two neighbourhood councils and two meetings of the Village neighbourhood development commission were held. These exchanges led to the drafting of specifications that form the basis of the future urban project.

In a historic site, in the heart of a precious and inhabited built fabric, the urban project will be imagined by and with the inhabitants. For this purpose, meetings of presentations, an urban walk and workshops with the inhabitants will punctuate and nourish the elaboration of the urban project. The implementation of such a process seems essential for the success of the project, it will guarantee its richness.

Project Contractor
Project Manager
CoBe urbanisme & CoBe Paysage / Berim (BET VRD)
Definition of an operational urban project in consultation with the inhabitants, urban coordination mission.
17,800 m² SDP of housing
800m² SDP of shops
Ongoing study