Zac Sud Chanteraines - Gennevilliers (92)

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A territory for the mixed city of tomorrow

The aim of this project, which will be developed in place of an ageing activity area and close to the RER C station in Gennevilliers, is to redevelop the city on its own by bringing more density, mix and intensity. The programming of the ZAC is intended to be mixed and the project aims to strengthen both the housing supply and the economic framework. Important work will have to be carried out on the public spaces that must be requalified, rethought and recomposed focusing on improving the living environment of the inhabitants and changing the physiognomy of this sector of Gennevilliers, which has long been considered as a service area. A structuring green space to reinforce the communal green network is planned in particular in the program of public spaces. The specificity of the project is that it will be inserted in one of the loops of the Seine and its implantation in the major river bed will require specific work due to flood risk and the resilience of the city faced with this problem.

Project management  SEMAG 92 | Team  CoBe Urbanime et Paysage, EPDC, IETI | Program Total constructability of the ZAC: 313,000 m² | Mixed use ZAC: 131,000 m² of housing, 50,400 m² of offices, 75,100 m² of industry, 6,500 m² of public facilities, 50,000 m² of shops/services | Area about 32 ha. Phase In progress