The Colombus garden in Colombes

We've got it!

We are the lucky winners of the design competition for the Colombus garden in Colombes, a local urban park that will accompany the future footbridge over the A86 designed by Nu - Architecture & Ingénierie.

Located at the heart of the Colombes Arc Sportif mixed development zone (ZAC) developed by éCo.Urbain, the Colombus garden will help to create an ecological and sensory site within a housing development, in particular by means of an ecological corridor, and will be used for family purposes while guaranteeing natural rainwater management for the public spaces and the various blocks of the ZAC.

With a length of 150m and a width of 40m, the garden is fully in line with the pedestrian flow of the footbridge. Its densely planted tree-lined fringes create an otherworldly setting, a place where you can forget about the buildings and contemplate the sky and nature.