Jardin Colombus - Colombes (92)

Creating a public garden around a footbridge

Designed as a link between the city and the Seine, the footbridge spanning the A86 is playing a key role in improving pedestrian traffic in the district, offering residents and passers-by a new way to get around.

CoBe - Passerelle Lemedioni Colombes
CoBe - Passerelle Lemedioni Colombes
CoBe - Passerelle Lemedioni Colombes

The garden in the Colombus block has been designed to provide a harmonious link between the RER station area and the new Arc Sportif mixed development zone. Both have been conceived as a whole, forming a natural continuity that supports use and encourages soft mobility.

CoBe - Passerelle Lemedioni Colombes

The aim is to offer Colombians a place where they can recharge their batteries in the heart of a green environment, providing a soothing contrast to the surrounding urban bustle. The landscaping project takes advantage of the existing landscape quality of the surrounding area and aims to recreate a real island of nature within the park, revealing its almost immediate proximity to the Seine.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

éCo.urbain SPL

Project manager

NU Architectes (architect),
CoBe (landscaper)

CoBe Mission

Complete architectural and project management of public spaces


Refurbishment and widening of the Marcelle Lemedioni footbridge
and creation of the Cœur d'îlot Colombus public garden




1.7M excluding VAT (green spaces)