Start of construction work in Bordeaux

🏗 🌳 The Armagnac Sud project in Bordeaux is off to a flying start, with CoBe Bordeaux's main contractors keeping a very close eye on the progress!

Located on plot 8.16, in the Armagnac Sud sector of the Saint-Jean Belcier mixed development zone, close to the station, this housing project is structured around a base ranging from ground floor to 3 storeys above ground level, with patios connected to the surrounding public space, and topped by four distinct 'emergences'. The two 10-storey towers are composed of a mixed wood-concrete structure, an external metal mesh and timber-framed facades.

A lower elevation is built entirely from timber frames. This building complex houses 94 through-planning, multi-orientated homes, each of which benefits from at least two orientations, unoverlooked living rooms and generous outdoor spaces offering multiple views towards the landscape and the garden at the heart of the block.

The entire project has NF Habitat HQE 9* certification, is approaching level 3 of the Biosourced label, and is in the process of obtaining E+C- certification.

Cobe Armagnac Sud in Bordeaux,