Quartier de la Mairie - La Courneuve (93)

Urban redevelopment of the Town Hall area

A 5-hectare industrial enclave is becoming available between La Courneuve town hall and the RER station. The acquisition of the former KDI factory land by the SPL Plaine Commune Développement represents a major opportunity to strengthen the identity of the town centre and to create links within the town.

CoBe - La Courneuve Quartier de la Mairie

As a pilot site for the urban metabolism approach initiated by Plaine Commune, the reuse of the numerous materials resulting from the demolition will be a major challenge of the operation.

CoBe - La Courneuve Town Hall
CoBe - La Courneuve Quartier de la Mairie
CoBe - La Courneuve Quartier de la Mairie

The ZAC du Quartier de la Mairie will eventually accommodate around 1000 additional homes, a cultural third-party centre and a school group. A new network of public spaces will be created, in particular a wide landscaped mall and a new street with animated ground floors. They will provide a link with the surrounding districts.

CoBe - La Courneuve Quartier de la Mairie

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

SPL Plaine Commune Développement

CoBe Mission

Urban planning : urban project management for the development of the district and assistance with consultation
Landscaping Complete project management for public spaces


1000 housing units, 30 classrooms, crèche,
shops, activities, public spaces (mall, square, streets, etc.)


6.5 ha

Studies in progress