La Défense - Courbevoie (92)

Urban redevelopment of the Diderot-Audran and Coupole Regnault sectors

In the Diderot Audran and Coupole Regnault sectors, in the heart of the La Défense business district, the project seeks to promote a programmatic mix, and to open up the area to experimentation to make it a showcase for urban innovation.

CoBe - La Défense Courbevoie

Situated between the three main axes of the Avenue de la Division Leclerc, the Coupole-Segoffin passage and the Gambetta corridor, the project builds links between the users
of the vertical city and the horizontal city, through three structuring principles: Adapting the territory to climate change and accelerating carbon neutrality, restoring
value to the land and its uses through the greening of the area; integrating the chronotopia of the city and the rhythm of its users in order to anticipate future changes.

Site map CoBe, la Défense, Courbevoie
CoBe - La Défense Courbevoie
CoBe - La Défense Courbevoie
CoBe - La Défense Courbevoie

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Paris La Défense

Project manager


CoBe Mission

Urban planning Urban project management for the redevelopment of the area,
programming and project management assistance
Landscaping : Project management for public spaces


Urban project, public spaces,
school and sports facilities,
housing, activities for Diderot-Audran aera


19.5 ha