Maillorgue-Sanson district - Floirac (33)

A new district is being created to the north of the Souys river

At the heart of Bordeaux's natural riverbank, the vast industrial sites will be transformed into a new district, fully integrated into the city.

CoBe Floirac

CoBe is working on the northern part of the Souys district in Floirac, within the vast perimeter of the Garonne Eiffel ZAC. Working closely with EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique and the ZAC project management team led by TVK, CoBe is developing the guide plan for the land owned by Clairsienne and Aquitanis, taking it into a new operational phase.

CoBe Floirac

The project is part of an area undergoing major change. The area is currently occupied mainly by large, under-occupied industrial sites, structured around the route of former railway lines and characterised by a fragmented urban fabric. In a few years' time, the district will be fully integrated into the Bordeaux metropolitan area.

CoBe's mission is to design a new district combining local and metropolitan scale on the right bank of Bordeaux, offering a new centre of facilities and shops as well as around 600 homes that will take advantage of the great landscape qualities of the natural bank.

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Aquitanis, Clairsienne,
Bordeaux Euratlantique EPA

Project manager


CoBe Mission

Urban planning : Urban project management for the development of the district
Landscaping : Project management for public spaces


49,000 m² sdp development
(including 44,000 m² of housing)


4.1 ha