Le clos des fées - Paluel (76)

Building an ecovillage

The development of the Clos des Fées is intended to be in line with the societal challenges of the rural world. It attempts to reconcile ecology and living together, sustainable development and habitat. Located on the edge of the village and facing the sea, it endeavours to capture the strong characteristics of the place: the changing lights, the wind, the vegetation, the horizon.

CoBe - Le Clos des Fées - Paluel

Built with local bio-sourced materials (wood, thatch), the site hosts facilities aimed at attracting both local residents and neighbouring populations: a common house, a covered forecourt, three artists' studios, two gîtes, a potting workshop.

These programmes are located in a 2 hectare landscaped park composed of various public spaces: shared gardens, a park with rural species, a children's playground, a playground for teenagers, etc. The residential part, located in the continuity of the existing housing estate, has 18 thatched cottages.

CoBe - Le Clos des Fées - Paluel

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Contracting authority

Project manager

CoBe, Mutabilis


Construction of 18 thatched cottages, a 2 ha landscaped park,
a common house, 2 gîtes, 3 artists' studios


Urban planning Urban project management for the development of the ecovillage
Architecture complete architectural and urban planning services


4 890 m²


11.2 M€ HT




Luc Boegly

Delivered in 2013