Student residence - Coimbra | Portugal

Student residence of 144 units

The project designed by the CoBe agency responds to an important need for student housing identified by the city of Coimbra, historically renowned for its great universities. The operation is located in the south of the urban area. It allows the extension towards the west of a recent residential area, at the articulation with the pole dedicated to higher education. 


The project forms a U-shaped, south-facing building on 5 levels, which are addressed to the public space. At the heart of the system is a large planted garden composed of terraces and patios on different levels. A roof terrace will also be set as productive shared gardens for the benefit of students. The residence offers different types of housing, 96 studios, 40 shared apartments (46 m²) with 2 bedrooms and 8 apartments (104 m²) with 4 bedrooms. It also includes many community spaces. On the ground floor there is a cafeteria, a bar, a gymnasium as well as numerous lounge areas.


Coworking areas as well as an incubator for startups are planned on the ground floor, taking advantage of the natural light offered by the presence of 2 planted patios. These programs will also have an auditorium, meeting rooms and a refreshment bar. All circulation areas benefit from natural light and offer generous areas where one can stop, meet and exchange. Composed of prefabricated concrete panels positioned in staggered rows, the facade displays a vibration whose abstraction gives the building its great modernity.


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Student residence of 144 units:
96 studios (15 m²), 40 two-bedroom units (46 m²),
8 four-bedroom flats of 104 m²),
roof terrace, cafeteria, classrooms,
coworking space, start-up incubator, amphitheatre and gym


10.2 M€ HT

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