CoBe supports the Mission Nerrivik association

CoBe is delighted to support the Mission Nerrivik association and its brand new sailing adventure: the Nanuq mission!

 While CoBe's speciality is building on land, water management is also at the heart of our business, and our local branches in Marseille, Bordeaux, Quimperlé, Porto, Lisbon and Valencia are resolutely looking to the sea!

The association's third cruise aboard the sailing vessel Bernick, the Nanuq mission will be dedicated to exploring the east coast of Greenland, where an icy current makes exploration very complicated.  

The exploration will take place from 1 July to 30 September, with a departure for Greenland from Brest, and will involve a number of surveys, including a study of pollution at sea, marine currents, plankton and cetaceans, all with a view to marine scientific research and outreach.

Thanks to a partnership with the Le Rocher association, at the end of the programme the team will also be welcoming a group of young people who have dropped out of school for a 2-week discovery camp.

We look forward to following and sharing the images of this great expedition!