Mixed Residence è Pau (64)

Mixed residence on the Laherrère site

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At the heart of a landscape of large housing estates, the Place Laherrère, designed by the BASE agency, offers a new centrality to a sector undergoing rapid change: the Saragosse district in Pau. Associated with the agency 1 Week 1 Project, CoBe is constructing the two buildings along this major public space. The new buildings assert the limits of the square with a regular rhythm and become a reassuring landmark that takes root in the neighbourhood.


MO cogedim Béarnaise Habitat | Team CoBe Architecture & Paysage / 1W1P (Axel de Stampa) / AiA Life designers / Gamba Acoustique Program 2 buildings with a mix of 100 student housing units, 100 young people's housing units, 5,182 m² of administrative and service premises Phase Building permit filed

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