Urban agriculture building - Romainville (93)

Romainville, Cobe

The project takes place in a context of large-scale, high-quality urban renewal. In this context, the introduction of equipment as atypical as this urban agriculture building represents a real challenge.

For us, the challenge is to ensure that the function of this place is not experienced as a simple object placed in the heart of this neighbourhood. Rather, it is a question of proposing a real living space, both fluid and focused. To do this, the ground floor of the urban agriculture building allows views to show through, is open on all sides, presents places for "breaks" and walks. In a few simple words, it is a public square, a gateway to this neighbourhood, a place of daily passage and meeting.


Project Contractor OPH de Romainville
Project Manager CoBe Architecture et Paysage, Mandataire / ALC Architectes & Associés, Architect co-contractor / Archimen, BET TCE & Eco. / ARRDHOR, Bet Agronomie / Agence Franck Boutté Consultants, design and Environmental Engineering