Urban agriculture building - Romainville (93)

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As we know, the subject of this consultation is a unique project, which will be a milestone in the history of the city, and will shine with its innovative character. But glowing does not mean dazzling. To shine is to demonstrate, through success, the relevance of a response to a global situation.

In our case, it is to show that the city is constantly reinventing itself, that it is not frozen. That the primary vocation of agriculture is to feed a population, and to feed it well, respectfully of the environment, in connection with nature and its seasons. It also means eliminating unnecessary pollution by modifying traditional distribution channels, showing that one of the solutions to the problems of urban sprawl is to diversify the city and its uses. To do this, we are relying on open-field agriculture, because it is more respectful of the environment, requires less energy, respects the cycle of the seasons and requires less water. It is in fact in line with outdoor cultivation. The result is a higher quality of production. We have also worked to show this agriculture, to magnify it, by offering it an adapted, simple, essential support building. Under this building, the public space unfolds, penetrates the interstices, encouraging exchanges and encounters. The reception areas are freely positioned on this ground, offering a multitude of situations. Each use is judiciously implanted in order to take advantage of the context and transform it.

Perspective Golem

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

OPH de Romainville

Project manager

CoBe, ALC, Archimen, Agence Franck Boutté


A technical building, reserved area for the operator
A reception building, reception area and educational workshops
A sales building and showcase for local fruit and vegetable production

Contest 2015