Lunezy Fief requalification project - NOZAY (91)

Fief de Lunezy, CoBe

The Paris-Saclay community, in which Nozay is integrated along with 26 othermunicipalities, has set the objective of promoting endogenous, dynamic, sober and high-quality urbanization, in order to make new construction compatible with the preservation of landscape and to promote a privileged living environment.

In this sense, the Fief de Lunezy is particularly suitable for urbanization since it does not affect any natural space. It even presents the challenge of being able to transform and reuse existing constructions in different ways. For a medium-sized city, this operation on nearly 4 hectares would perhaps only represent the transformation of one neighbourhood among others. For a village like Nozay with less than 5000 inhabitants, although integrated into a larger urban community, it gaining stature. The project on this site will have very high stakes, whether in terms of landscape, social, economic, ecological or typological issues.

Project Contractor
Paris-Saclay Community (CA)

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