Layout of outdoor spaces - Desnos College - ORLY (94)

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Project to develop the outdoor areas of the Desnos college

The project is part of the desire to affirm the wooded and intimate character of the eastern part of the site. Above all, it is a question of preserving the double alignment of majestic but ageing locust trees. It nevertheless offers an imposing and remarkable plant cover. Under these tall trees, we propose an intermediate stratum and a vegetation carpet that will protect the site from the busy Avenue Marcel Cachin (departmental road), both in terms of noise and visual impact. The layout of the college buildings proposes a playground at the heart of the project, separated from the adjacent streets. Like the current clearing in the centre of the plot, it is sheltered from the surrounding urban life. The design of the playground creates a transition from the wooded front to the interior of the school: the effect of the edge is thus reinforced. This space is designed to preserve the existing vegetation, to create a wooded atmosphere while inducing uses and modes of occupation of the space appropriate to this type of establishment.

Reference Sheet

Contracting authority

Val de Marne General Council

Project manager

Emmanuelle COLBOC, Architect in charge, CoBe, INGEROP, OASIIS


Complete project management mission for exterior spaces
and treatment of boundaries with public spaces


110,000 EXCL.