Place du Général de Gaulle - Sceaux (92)

Redevelopment of public spaces and mixed programme

Led by Nacarat, the project is based on an urban plan that increases the number of forecourts and creates a pedestrian mall as an extension of the shopping street Houdan.

CoBe - Sceaux IMGP place Général de Gaule

It proposes to develop a locavore restaurant, a vegetable garden, a brasserie, a school-hotel and event facilities on the island of the Château de l'Amiral.

CoBe - Sceaux IMGP place Général de Gaule
CoBe - Sceaux IMGP place Général de Gaule

The project also includes shops and a varied residential program (housing for first-time buyers, participative housing, students). The architecture of the dwellings favours integration into the local fabric. In particular, proposals are made around local consultation, with the ambition of building a citizen project. The programming of the shops is open, and the environmental strategy has an ambition of energy performance and vegetalisation.

CoBe - Sceaux IMGP place Général de Gaule

Reference sheet

Contracting authority

Nacarat, Pitch Promotion

Project manager

Devillers et Associés, Béchu + Associés, CoBe

CoBe Mission

Complete architectural mission
and project management of public spaces
Winner of call to projects Imaginer la Métropole du Grand Paris


Construction of a student residence, housing for sale,
social housing, coworking spaces and parking,
shops and restaurants on the ground floor.
Redevelopment of the area's public spaces,
including the Place du Général de Gaule


3135 m² SDP

Studies in progress