PLOT S2 - Carrières sous Poissy (78)

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New construction of 108 collective housing units - 4 shops
The operation near Poissy station occupies the ZAC-Nouvelle centralité in the Beauregard district, which will eventually constitute a new entrance to the city.
The project is broken down into several volumes of different heights, to optimise orientation. All the dwellings benefit from a landscape in the centre of the plot with a garden laid out on the slab.

Façades made entirely of prefabricated walls with detailed detail work in the layout to achieve the desired the desired architectural effect.
detail work in the layout to achieve
the desired architectural appearance.

Reference Sheet

Contracting authority

ARC Group, City of Carrières-sous-Poissy, 2 Rives 2 Seine, EPAMSA

Project manager

CoBe, Philippe Dubus


Construction of 110 new multi-family housing units:
71 social housing units and 37 social rental units (Dubus architecte cotraitant),
4 shops of 700 m².


ACT, Market Focus, MOEX, VISAS, AOR


Estimate: €10.8m